Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Fruit Salad

I am trying to celebrate the close of what has been a very long, taxing week of trying to balance four snow days with two children and work. I am also trying to prepare for a business trip. Instead of celebrating with something sweet, like we normally think to do, I'm celebrating by making a "scrumptions" (Noah's fav word) winter fruit salad.

2 Rio Star Sweet Ruby Red Grapefruits, peeled and sectioned (videos on internet if you dont know how to do this.
Juice of the grapefruits (video should show you how to
3 Moro Blood Oranges, peeled and sectioned. (you can get these at Market Street)
1 lb Strawberries, sliced top to bottom with tops removed.
2 Naval Oranges, peeled and sectioned.
I will add bananas but not until we're ready to consume it.

Mix with the best kitchen tools God gave you - your hands.

Enjoy :)
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