Monday, July 9, 2012

I've missed you!

Ok today is a day of firsts.

First for the year - woke up at 4:30 AM on purpose.
First for my life - I attended a Camp Gladiator class (see above - ugh).
First for my life - I've just applied to teach a cooking class for my town during the next Recreational catalog offering for Fall!
First for way too long - adding a blog entry :( I feel like I've lost so much momentum due to corporate travel and just life.

My son is on two indoor soccer teams which eat up two nights for practices and a lot of time on Saturdays. Household chores, cooking and just being eat up most of the rest. My dear friend who I walked ALOT of miles with just moved to Ohio recently and my workouts went with her and I'm ashamed about that. Its time to straighten up and fly right, as a friend of mine once said.

So that said - COOKING CLASS!!! "Cooking Remedies from The Remedy Cook!" Woot f**king Hoo!! Sorry - I'm excited and they haven't even officially excepted it yet. But they do not have anything like that being offered so I have a good chance. I expect all my homies to sign up if they except me!

And I get to practice at home on July 29th when I host a Pampered Chef party BBQ style. Yes its a hostess party and yes its multilevel marketing but its COOKING and FOOD and DRINKS and no one cares if you buy anything or not. Well *I* certainly don't. If you didn't get an invite and want one, please post a comment!

More to come on the class!! And I promise to post a recipe - soon.
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