Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Long time no see

I have some time to myself and notice that I haven't posted since May. Its really disappointing. I've still been cooking though! I have a few recipes I need to post. I made a white bean, lima bean, bacon, cherry tomato salad a few weeks ago that I really enjoyed. Nice and light for summer. Not all beans need to be hot when eaten! I also made a banana applesauce bread. I made a loaf as well as muffins. I have to say the muffins were more popular. When cooking when applesauce, the smaller container the better otherwise its too dense. But it came out tasty nonetheless and used up all the ripe bananas that I had in my freezer.

Its so d**m hot right now. 23 days of 100+ degrees. Who the heck wants to start up the oven or the grill in that kind of weather.
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