Sunday, March 6, 2011

OT - Stick Horse for Kindergarten Project

So my kindergarten son has a project to make a stick horse by the end of this coming week. I was freting so badly. I finish the mane last night which took me and a yarn needle over an hour (making it about a 3 hour and 20+ dollar project) only to wake up to Noah this morning telling me that his teacher said they could buy one. Well, that's fine and if I had known that I probably would have opted for that. However, with us making one ourselves, he gets to bask in all the glory of the attention he'll get for making the cutest stick horse every. I hope he enjoys every last minute.


Cindy @ reNOUNed Nest said...

Piper has to make a Cotton Gin! How crazy is that? I hope hers turns out as well as your, um, I mean, Noah's project! Happy Birthday!

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