Monday, December 13, 2010

Remedy or Remedial?

Developer I am NOT. I swear it took me 2 hours to try and learn how to strike through text, just trying to be funny. Not worth it but whatever. I truly wish I didn't have to use some free blog background just to make my 'area' look nice but it is what it is. The true reward is the recipe and your feedback not some stupid image of some lame forks. BTW, I tried to find a catchy name for my blog. What I really wanted was "The Remedial Cook" . I floated it by a friend that said the connotation associated with the word remedial leads you to believe that my cooking is bad. When in fact, my initial reason for choosing that name was not to put down my cooking but instead, indicate that perhaps the people I would be attracting were in search of some remedy for their cooking skills.

If you look at the Merriam Webster definition and not rely on some lame negative perception that human nature leads you to believe the word refers to you inadequacy in school or that you once feared the 'short bus" it actually refers to this meaning:

re·me·di·al, adj
1: intended as a remedy
2: concerned with the correction of faulty study habits and the raising of a pupil's general competence

That said, I am still considering "The Remedial Cook" because well, its smarmy and so am I. By the way, here is the definition for smarmy in case you don't know it, or me. /smarmy grin

smarmy, adj
: revealing or marked by a smug, ingratiating, or false earnestness


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