Monday, June 17, 2013

Fitness assessment & grocery shopping

There's nothing quite like getting that reality slap in the face during a body fat test.

Whatever, it confirms what I already knew. Rip the bandaid off and keep going.


I was able to do a 1 min plank. She was surprised as she said many women come in and can't do that.

She suggested I do functional training to build muscle versus killing myself over cardio.

40% nutrition, 40% resistance, 20% cardio. 3 / 45 minute days of functional training and then if I do something other than that, its a plus.

Start higher on the calorie intake, work your way down based on whether I am losing or not. Another BF check in 6-8 weeks.

Anyone that truly knows me knows that I am very knowledgeable about diet, food and nutrition. What I am missing is that right combo for me and doing the hard work to study up and pay attention and make it my new hobby. The lady that I met with was about 60 years old and in FANTASTIC shape. But at one point, okay, alot of points through the conversation, I felt like she was talking preaching to what she was seeing on the outside and not giving me any credit at all. And asking some really strange open ended questions that truly felt like she thought I was an idiot or not knowledgeable after I had already established my journey from a size 22/24 in the mid 90's to a size 12 and feeling FABULOUS up until 2003/2004 when I started having children. I did all of that with personal training and no supplements. But I was also in my 20s.

Women lose lots of muscle every year after 30. If you keep doing or thinking the same way at 40 that you did at 30 or 20, you will fail, as I have. Unfortunately, women also sometimes deal with more family pressures, stress, raising children, undiagnosed anxiety or depression that all make matters worse.

After the session I drove on over to Kroger and bought about 50$ of fresh vegetables, Lara bars and what not. I do love food and I do love good food that is good for you. I have to keep it simple.

Next assignment is to build a 45 min functional workout schedule that will save me from paying 119$ to show up, again, at a specific time to do group training. I need to make it simple and flexible. Rarely am I ever available every day at 9:30 AM or 6 PM.

Now off to make that huge salad =) Thanks to everyone for the encouragement today when I sent this out.

Signing off as a big gun, ready to do this, in the handle given to me by a very dear friend who I miss ALOT!



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