Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lunch - Another day of trying

Second day of getting son ready for day camp. Its not easy. Its like repacking them every morning for what's to come and making sure you have plenty of supplies because in most cases, what was wet the night before is not dry. Making sure he has a healthy breakfast, making sure nothing is forgotten because the camp is in Dallas proper. Then there's getting the girl ready. The couch potato who has her nose stuck in the ipad addicted to Wallace and Gromit. Then there comes me : shower and prepare a decent lunch and hopefully get to the office by 10. *sigh*

So this morning, its a baby greens salad with veggies, fat free feta and pepitas for crunch since I'm not using croutons. If you haven't checked out pepitas you should, though in moderation. They are sunflower seeds on steroids. The innards, yes I said innards, of a pumpkin seed.

Anyhow, here is my salad that I will enjoy with no salt black beans at lunch. They want me to eat 2400 calories and work my way down until I start losing. 2400? I barely get in 1200. Maybe that's a clue.

later, ak-47


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