Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tonight's workout

Today I did some research on functional training and developed my own 45 minute workout. This was the alternative to relying on one more person or thing for my motivation.

Here's what I did:

12 min on treadmill - 1:30 walk / 1 min jog
30 minutes of following:

Warm up :
knee touches - 60
modified jumping jack - 25 each side
wall squats using balance ball - 15 x 3 alternating reps with
Seated twist with medicine ball rolling behind my back 15 each side
1 minute plank


Wax on wax off using mat and those plastic furniture movers that have a pad on one side and plastic on other. While in plank, you use extend your arms and do a wax on wax off motion. 8 reps each side
Balance ball bridge with chest press 15 rep
Tricep on wall (standing johnny C) 15 rep
Medicine ball down and twist up 10 each side
Bent leg life with a row - 15

1 x

dumb bell chop 15 each side
kettle bell swing 15
sexy spider 8 each side
Lunge with press - 8 each side

I also went to machines and did 2 reps of 15 tricep extensions and stretching.

Left the gym feeling satisfied and was only there from 4:30 to 5:15 pm.


Lara Bar
can of no salt black beans
baby greens salad
another lara bar
homemade spaghetti sauce / no pasta

dinner/snacks to come.

Thanks all!



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