Friday, December 31, 2010

Green beans that taste homemade but from a can

I have to give credit to my late step mother for this one but its been on regular rotation in my house and to potlucks for about 5 years.

2-3 TBS Olive Oil
chopped Onion (Quantity to your liking or personal taste)
salt and pepper
leftover ham or bacon or any meat of choice. It can be deli meat, sliced, whatever you have.
2 regular sized cans of green beans

Drain the green beans.
Heat olive oil on low-medium heat (olive oil does not like high heat).
Saute Onion until translucent.
Add finely chopped meat and stir.
Add salt and pepper
Once the onion, meat, salt and pepper flavors have all combined and heated through, add green beans.
Stir well and cover for about 40 minutes on low eat, stirring occassionally.

This recipe scales up nicely. I've cooked this for about 30 people before or just 2.


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