Saturday, January 1, 2011

Chicken Migas

I'm trying to find ways to use the chicken I had boiled to make broth. So this morning I whipped up a little bit of Chicken Migas. Migas translates to 'crumbs' in English. Migas are traditionally made for breakfast and used with leftover bread or tortillas. Migas vary across cultures. TexMex migas are not made the same as Portuguese or Spanish migas are. The ones I made are more like TexMex.

3-4 TBS Olive Oil
6 corn tortillas - sliced in to small 1-2 inch strips.
2 TBS Olive Oil
half of a medium onion, chopped.
1/4 cup of peppers (yellow, orange or whatever you have on hand)
dash of paprika
dash of chili powder
dash of salt and pepper
1 cup of shredded chicken
6 eggs - combined as if you were making scrambled eggs.
1 cup of fresh spinach chopped
3 TBS of Queso

Heat Oil in a large non stick frying pan. Make sure oil is hot and sizzles if you drop a tortilla strip in it. Otherwise, the tortillas will absorb all of the oil.
Once oil is hot enough, place strips in and turn them until they are golden brown.
Turn off heat.
In another pan, saute onion and peppers or any veggies that you like. If you are adding fresh spinach, I have a step at the end to add this.
Add the chicken and stir.
Add the spices and salt/pepper and continue to combine everything well.
In a large bowl, combine the eggs well with a whisk or a fork. The whisk works better and will make the eggs more fluffy so that you can use fewer eggs.
Turn the heat back on your tortillas to medium-high and distribute them evenly on the bottom of the pan.
Add your meat/veggie mixture on top of the tortillas and distribute evenly.
When the pan is very warm, pour the egg mixture evenly over the meat, veggies and tortillas. Do not turn the eggs for about a minute or two.
Let the eggs cook in to the mixture some before turning.
Fold the mixture from the outside in and cook thoroughly over medium heat.
Fold in the chopped spinach if you are adding this.
Spoon migas on to a plate.
Spoon queso on top and then spoon a small amount of migas on top of the queso.

Enjoy! Papa Bear went back for seconds!


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