Sunday, January 16, 2011

Personalized Stuffed Crust Pizza with little man

I suck because I waited so long to post this one that I don't have the "recipe" but it was too fun not to post the pictures of me and lil man making our personalized stuffed crust. We each picked something we wanted the crust stuffed with and had our own section of pizza personalized. Lil man had a cheese stick, Mama bear had gargonzola, Daddy bear and baby bear had chedder. Honestly, recipe or not, there was no magic potion to this. I found a nice, trustworthy, fast rising pizza dough recipe. Ragu Pizza sauce, cheese and turkey pepperoni. Bake. The End. It was so much fun to cook this with Lil Man.


theminx said...

It looks great...but how did you stuff the crust?

Angie said...

made the dough oversized, put the cheese inside the flap and folded it over.

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