Thursday, January 13, 2011

Could I get the weekend please?

There are about 20 things in my fridge that I need to cook before the produce gets bad.

Brussel sprouts
Organic baby carrots (the fancy kind with the stems still on from Central Market)

Along with already Cooked rice and linguine, leftover pork and leftover vietnamese chicken. I did acquire some lemon fused montrachet goat cheese, free sprigs of thyme and chives (not scallions). I plan to use the chives to curl up with an entree of sour cream and a side of baked potato tomorrow.

So back to the list.. hell yes...its like a painters palette. Now if I could shake this head cold and get a good nights sleep, all would be well. My goal is to be in bed by 9 tonight. Will it happen? Meh, probably a lofty goal but a goal nonetheless. I am taking off work tomorrow to get physically caught up. I won't be able to sleep in unless I talk Papa Bear in to doing me a favor but I do plan to treat myself well and to go work out. I'm thinking of starting the morning off at Starbucks in my sweats curled up with the Kindle. Then the gym and then I'll do some cooking by myself during the time I'd normally be working. I'll be killing two birds with one stone - organizing the fridge and making sure mine and Papa Bears hard earned money doesn't go out with Baby Bear's diapers or down the disposal...or ..shhh to my inlaws hidden in a casserole
:-X I KID!!! kidding!!! I love my inlaws :)


theminx said...

If we had all of that stuff in the fridge, Neal would probably make a soup with the pork or chicken, plus most or all of the veg and the rice. I tell ya, he can make soup out of anything.

Angie said...

are there recipes up for his soups? I did make a soup today of some of the stuff but i'm going to throw down a Thai noodle dish for sean with them tonight :)

theminx said...

He mostly just throws things together, as long as the flavors seem to go. For instance, check out this post.

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