Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fried Rice - with leftovers

I had leftover rice from when Papa bear's mom brought over chili. Leftover asian grilled chicken. Combined with some asian spices and oils, chopped carrots and fried egg - it made for an easy meal for Papa bear as he recovers from his stomach bug.

Not real measurements here.

fry the egg first so you dont have to transfer rice mix back and forth. Fry the egg, add salt and pepper to taste. break the yolk in the pan and then flip until well done. Set aside and chop up to preference.

Olive Oil with a few dashes of sesame oil (start small with the sesame oil, I mean VERY small. Its overpowering).
sautee carrots until they start to soften, then throw in diced leftover chicken.
When this is warm, toss in leftover cold rice (works best with fried rice).
add a dash of rice vinegar and some red chili flakes and some soy sauce (maybe a tbsp?) and turn dish.

Add egg, mix until well turned. Taste. Add additional elements if necessary.


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